SBA-161 True Obedience 0
SBA-161 True Obedience 1
SBA-161 True Obedience 2
SBA-161 True Obedience 3
SBA-161 True Obedience 4
SBA-161 True Obedience 5
SBA-161 True Obedience 6
SBA-161 True Obedience 7
SBA-161 True Obedience 8
SBA-161 True Obedience 9

Veronica Vixen becomes Bunny's ass sniffer and butt muncher as she gets her now red face ridden in to complete submission. By the time this one is over she is covered in sweat, being used flawlessly and wondering why she agreed to be under wet pussy and aromatic ass.

SBA-160 Queening Lesson 0
SBA-160 Queening Lesson 1
SBA-160 Queening Lesson 2
SBA-160 Queening Lesson 3
SBA-160 Queening Lesson 4
SBA-160 Queening Lesson 5
SBA-160 Queening Lesson 6
SBA-160 Queening Lesson 7
SBA-160 Queening Lesson 8
SBA-160 Queening Lesson 9

Jessa Jordan loves sitting on a chicks face and getting her to show the ultimate devotion by eating her pussy and her fragrant asshole. She owns this slaves face, humiliates her and rides her to exhaustion and submission. This is one sexy ride by an even sexier woman.

FAUD-16 Facesitting Audition: Jessa Jordan 0
FAUD-16 Facesitting Audition: Jessa Jordan 1
FAUD-16 Facesitting Audition: Jessa Jordan 2
FAUD-16 Facesitting Audition: Jessa Jordan 3
FAUD-16 Facesitting Audition: Jessa Jordan 4
FAUD-16 Facesitting Audition: Jessa Jordan 5
FAUD-16 Facesitting Audition: Jessa Jordan 6
FAUD-16 Facesitting Audition: Jessa Jordan 7
FAUD-16 Facesitting Audition: Jessa Jordan 8
FAUD-16 Facesitting Audition: Jessa Jordan 9

Ebony Goddess Jessa Jordan grinds on her slaves face and makes her sniff her ass, she smells so good the slave eats her ass 15 seconds into the audition. She puts on an erotic facesitting exhibition where she gets a tongue up her ass and on her now wet pussy. Jessa grinds her engorged clit on her slaves nose, taking her breath away and turning herself on so much she is moaning and rubbing her own tits. A fantastic first time smother encounter.

SBA-159 Eat Me Out 0
SBA-159 Eat Me Out 1
SBA-159 Eat Me Out 2
SBA-159 Eat Me Out 3
SBA-159 Eat Me Out 4
SBA-159 Eat Me Out 5
SBA-159 Eat Me Out 6
SBA-159 Eat Me Out 7
SBA-159 Eat Me Out 8
SBA-159 Eat Me Out 9

They do not get any sexier than Rezee, she's starting to learn how to punish and humiliate a slave with her ass and pussy. The Panamanian Goddess humps, bumps and grinds this girl into the ultimate surrender making her use her tongue on her ass and pussy. She makes sure she inhales her scent between breath depriving smothers leaving her victim coughing and out of air.

FAUD-15 Facesitting Audition: Rezee 0
FAUD-15 Facesitting Audition: Rezee 1
FAUD-15 Facesitting Audition: Rezee 2
FAUD-15 Facesitting Audition: Rezee 3
FAUD-15 Facesitting Audition: Rezee 4
FAUD-15 Facesitting Audition: Rezee 5
FAUD-15 Facesitting Audition: Rezee 6
FAUD-15 Facesitting Audition: Rezee 7
FAUD-15 Facesitting Audition: Rezee 8
FAUD-15 Facesitting Audition: Rezee 9

Panamanian Beauty and virgin facesitter Rezee is sexy as fuck and loves smothering a chick under her phat bubble ass. She lifts her cheeks so her ass can be sniffed and eaten by a humiliated slave. She makes her put her tongue in her pussy before finishing her off in style.

SBA-157 Blissful Ride 0
SBA-157 Blissful Ride 1
SBA-157 Blissful Ride 2
SBA-157 Blissful Ride 3
SBA-157 Blissful Ride 4
SBA-157 Blissful Ride 5
SBA-157 Blissful Ride 6
SBA-157 Blissful Ride 7
SBA-157 Blissful Ride 8
SBA-157 Blissful Ride 9

Lana loves dominating a face, watch the sheer joy on her face as the slave struggles beneath her pussy and ass. She bumps and grinds this poor girl into utter submission with devastating forward and reverse straddles, making her eat her to orgasm.