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What can I say about Charity Jones, innocent, funny, gorgeous..5'7" 130lbs of pure sexiness and phatness. She's a 19 year old college co-ed from Atlanta. She is super shy and had to take a deep breath before taking her clothes off. 2 minutes later she's humping and grinding away on Roxi's face using her nose like a dildo. She's not afraid to pull hair and make sure her slave is deep in her ass and pussy. She actually groans as she wipes her asshole across Roxi's nose. She laughs at Roxi and says " you're turning red huh?". Another interesting thing she does is smother with her asshole while in a forward position, a move usually done by the Brazilian girls. Of course Roxi can't take anymore and gladly eats the ass of her superior Black Goddess. She's not sure you guys will like her and is up in the air about coming back, email her and let her know how you feel:


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Newcomer Stefani is as gorgeous and erotic as they come. Don't be fooled she is a facesitting machine. She smothers Roxi until she is made to eat her ass and pussy. When Roxi tries to get air she grabs her hair and pushes her back underneath for some punishing face riding. This girl is the truth.


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Introducing Jazzy, a 5'10" amazonian basketball player. She is totally gorgeous and an incredible facesitter. It took alot of convincing and her only thing was she wanted to give Roxi a real facesitting session. She turned on her theme music and began grinding, bouncing, humiliating and using Roxi. She eventually gets her to use her tongue on her ass and pussy. This girls body was dripping with sweat and she was exhausted after working this girl over. 


FAUD-02 Facesitting Audtions: Nelly  0
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FAUD-02 Facesitting Audtions: Nelly  6
FAUD-02 Facesitting Audtions: Nelly  7
FAUD-02 Facesitting Audtions: Nelly  8
FAUD-02 Facesitting Audtions: Nelly  9

This was Nelly's audition and this is her interpretation of what facesitting is before I gave her some pointers in the fine art of smothering. This video may be the best video on the site. Roxi is dominated with sexy forward and reverse smothers and Nelly gets off on hearing Roxi's gasps for air. Roxi is made to sniff her sexy feet and her asshole so she knows what a real woman smells like. Nelly loves her slaves tongue in her ass and the look on her face tells you that she thinks she deserves it. Nelly plays with her wet pussy while Roxi worships and slurps her feet, the toe sucking can be heard downstairs.

FAUD-01 Facesitting Auditions: Sweets   0
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FAUD-01 Facesitting Auditions: Sweets   8
FAUD-01 Facesitting Auditions: Sweets   9


This was Sweets' audition and this is her interpretation of what facesitting is before I gave her some pointers in the fine art of smothering. As you will see she did not need my help. Sweets is a facesitting dynamo who delights in making a white girl her Bitch.The strange thing is she claims to be straight, I can't tell. She teaches Roxi the fine art of black ass on a white face until she surrenders and is made to orally please her. At one point she grabs Roxi's hair and starts sliding her clit against her nose smothering her and really getting off on her face. Sweets squats on this chicks face and smothers her deep before making her worship her asshole. The squat position gives Roxi total access to her Mistress' hole. 


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SBA-01 Gagging on Black Ass  8
SBA-01 Gagging on Black Ass  9


Vicious ebony Vixens Selene and Dime Diva work Roxi over like there is no tomorrow. They kiss,rub one another and worship breasts all while smothering Roxi beneath pussy and ass. They damn near her, they ride up and down using her tongue while crushing her windpipe. She coughs and wheezes and they ignore her while seeking the ultimate pleasure. They use this white girl until they climax on her face, u will feel sorry for her at the end of this one. She gets used big time.


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SBA- 27 Virgin Facesitting Queen  8
SBA- 27 Virgin Facesitting Queen  9


Cherri is a beautiful Black and Asian Goddess who has never sat on a womans face. She totally enjoys putting her pussy and ass all over this girls face and smothering her until her face is red and she is gasping for air. Come see this sexy vixen with the perfect dancers body use a bitch's face for the first time ever.