SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 0
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Ginger is incredible, she's beautiful, smart and provocative. She has the best ass since Nina Ross. Ginger throws on her theme music, rubs, grinds and gyrates Roxi into oblivion. A little over 11 minutes into the session it dawned on me that Roxi had not been gasping or groaning in quite some time. I zoomed in and pulled her hair to check on her and yes she was out under Goddess Ginger. I faded out and made sure she was good. After recovering Roxi is smart enough to please Ginger's asshole and try to keep from getting smothered but it doesn't work. A great session and our first nap time smother.

SBA-101I'm Your Girl 0
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SBA-101I'm Your Girl 9

La'Moure is flirtatious, nasty and 155lbs of pure thickness. She loves the camera almost as much as Roxi's tongue in her ass. She truly works up a sweat while smothering and enjoys every moment of pleasure. She licks her own tits and twists her own nipples while riding face. This girl is a keeper, wifey material and Med student.

SBA-59 Turning Me On 0
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SBA-59 Turning Me On 7
SBA-59 Turning Me On 8
SBA-59 Turning Me On 9

This is a softer encounter between sexy, big butted Nina Ross and Roxi. Nina is totally after 2 things: keeping her clit stimulated using Roxi's nose and getting Roxi to use her tongue to please her. First she must sensually grind and ride the pride out of Roxi, she smothers her big time to get her to do what she wants. Even in this erotic encounter Nina is too much woman for Roxi, she just has too much ass for her to handle. Roxi is so tired from the smothering that she is gasping for air and is unable to stick out her tongue to lick Nina's ass near the end.