SBA-62 Verbal & Smother  0
SBA-62 Verbal & Smother  1
SBA-62 Verbal & Smother  2
SBA-62 Verbal & Smother  3
SBA-62 Verbal & Smother  4
SBA-62 Verbal & Smother  5
SBA-62 Verbal & Smother  6
SBA-62 Verbal & Smother  7
SBA-62 Verbal & Smother  8
SBA-62 Verbal & Smother  9

Ju'C is normally very quiet while enjoying her facesitting cushion Roxi. On this day she gets so turned on by the fact she smothered Roxi into oral servitude. She immediately starts verbally humiliating and degrading Roxi while still smothering her and making her eat her ass. Enjoy!!!!

SBA-50 The Continuation 0
SBA-50 The Continuation 1
SBA-50 The Continuation 2
SBA-50 The Continuation 3
SBA-50 The Continuation 4
SBA-50 The Continuation 5
SBA-50 The Continuation 6
SBA-50 The Continuation 7
SBA-50 The Continuation 8
SBA-50 The Continuation 9

This is the continuation of SBA-49, when I turned the camera off they never stopped so I started it back up again. Roxi is really strugging to please her Mistress but no matter how much she licks Ju'C keeps her buried in wet pussy and ass. Ju'C starts masturbating while Roxi licks away, this one is very hot.

SBA-49 Virgin Hole Eating 0
SBA-49 Virgin Hole Eating 1
SBA-49 Virgin Hole Eating 2
SBA-49 Virgin Hole Eating 3
SBA-49 Virgin Hole Eating 4
SBA-49 Virgin Hole Eating 5
SBA-49 Virgin Hole Eating 6
SBA-49 Virgin Hole Eating 7
SBA-49 Virgin Hole Eating 8
SBA-49 Virgin Hole Eating 9

This is the moment we have all been waiting for, Ju'C gets a female to eat her ass and lick her pussy. She smothers Roxi to the brink and verbally asks for her submission. When Roxi refuses to give she smothers her unti she has no choice but to use her tongue. She verbally humiliates her and tells her she likes that and Roxi agrees.

SBA-75 Pure Smother

14:57 Minuten Face Sitting
SBA-75 Pure Smother 0
SBA-75 Pure Smother 1
SBA-75 Pure Smother 2
SBA-75 Pure Smother 3
SBA-75 Pure Smother 4
SBA-75 Pure Smother 5
SBA-75 Pure Smother 6
SBA-75 Pure Smother 7
SBA-75 Pure Smother 8
SBA-75 Pure Smother 9

Jazzy, our amazon ball player is back but this time she takes a traditional approach to facesitting. This one is for the smothering purist, she keeps her slaves nose deep in her ass and in her pussy. Roxi needed a serious break after this one, Jazzy really put it to her.

Erotic Lesbian Facesitting 0
Erotic Lesbian Facesitting 1
Erotic Lesbian Facesitting 2
Erotic Lesbian Facesitting 3
Erotic Lesbian Facesitting 4
Erotic Lesbian Facesitting 5
Erotic Lesbian Facesitting 6
Erotic Lesbian Facesitting 7
Erotic Lesbian Facesitting 8
Erotic Lesbian Facesitting 9

Kelly and Selene turn it up a notch with kissing, breast worship and pussy eating. Two ebony beauties who love facesitting and lesbianism truly explore one another. Kelly loves getting off on another chicks tongue and this time is no different.

SBA-83 Handling A Real Woman 0
SBA-83 Handling A Real Woman 1
SBA-83 Handling A Real Woman 2
SBA-83 Handling A Real Woman 3
SBA-83 Handling A Real Woman 4
SBA-83 Handling A Real Woman 5
SBA-83 Handling A Real Woman 6
SBA-83 Handling A Real Woman 7
SBA-83 Handling A Real Woman 8
SBA-83 Handling A Real Woman 9

They say straight girls are the best facesitters, they feel no woman is capable of handling them. 18 Year old Sweets happens to be one of these women. Sweets loves grabbing a Bitches hair and putting her nose deep against her asshole and making her struggle and suffer. She rides and grinds her victims face into submission and loves every second of it. Roxi worships her feet, pussy and ass until Sweets is in utter heaven. The finale is Sweets pinning Roxis head against the wall and smothering her deep in her ass. She uses Roxi's tongue and still isn't satisfied.

SBA-91 You Asked For It  0
SBA-91 You Asked For It  1
SBA-91 You Asked For It  2
SBA-91 You Asked For It  3
SBA-91 You Asked For It  4
SBA-91 You Asked For It  5
SBA-91 You Asked For It  6
SBA-91 You Asked For It  7
SBA-91 You Asked For It  8
SBA-91 You Asked For It  9


This is what happens when you challenge the womanhood of Sexy Sapphire. Roxi gets rode out and she loses her will to endure the smothering quickly as She is subjected to some full weight facesitting. Add in the classic trash talking from her Mistress and this one quickly deteriorates into ass, pussy and foot servitude. Roxi is used to being facesat but watch to see how she gamely survives. 



Lick or Smother

22:03 Minuten Face Sitting
Lick or Smother 0
Lick or Smother 1
Lick or Smother 2
Lick or Smother 3
Lick or Smother 4
Lick or Smother 5
Lick or Smother 6
Lick or Smother 7
Lick or Smother 8
Lick or Smother 9

When a woman gets smothered deep inside another's pussy and ass it can be an overwhelming experience. Roxi gets claustrophobic under her Mistress and she has no choice but to eat pussy and ass. Selene has her gasping rocking, grinding and wiggling all over her face. One of our best dominant facesitting films.

Lingerie Smother

16:19 Minuten Face Sitting
Lingerie Smother 0
Lingerie Smother 1
Lingerie Smother 2
Lingerie Smother 3
Lingerie Smother 4
Lingerie Smother 5
Lingerie Smother 6
Lingerie Smother 7
Lingerie Smother 8
Lingerie Smother 9

Selene smothers slave Roxi forward and reverse robbing her of precious air. She wiggles sensually, grinding her panty covered crotch on her seats nose. She smothers her slave while making her rub her tits and she plays with herself. Fans of tough and erotic sitting will love this film.

GS-01 Goth Schoolgirl 0
GS-01 Goth Schoolgirl 1
GS-01 Goth Schoolgirl 2
GS-01 Goth Schoolgirl 3
GS-01 Goth Schoolgirl 4
GS-01 Goth Schoolgirl 5
GS-01 Goth Schoolgirl 6
GS-01 Goth Schoolgirl 7
GS-01 Goth Schoolgirl 8
GS-01 Goth Schoolgirl 9

Watch this black goth chick smother this white girl into oblivion. Turn up the sound and listen to the real gasps and moans she makes beneath her superiors black ass. What's better than seeing an ebony babe ride a white girls face into submission before making her use her tongue?

SBA-39 Rough Ride

23:34 Minuten Face Sitting
SBA-39 Rough Ride 0
SBA-39 Rough Ride 1
SBA-39 Rough Ride 2
SBA-39 Rough Ride 3
SBA-39 Rough Ride 4
SBA-39 Rough Ride 5
SBA-39 Rough Ride 6
SBA-39 Rough Ride 7
SBA-39 Rough Ride 8
SBA-39 Rough Ride 9

Cherri works Roxi over with some really sexy and rough face smothering. This is kinda surprising as Cherri loves sensual facesitting but she keeps using Roxi's hair to keep her trapped against her pussy and ass. Her seat is well smothered by the end of this one.

SBA-60: Facesitting Granny 0
SBA-60: Facesitting Granny 1
SBA-60: Facesitting Granny 2
SBA-60: Facesitting Granny 3
SBA-60: Facesitting Granny 4
SBA-60: Facesitting Granny 5
SBA-60: Facesitting Granny 6
SBA-60: Facesitting Granny 7
SBA-60: Facesitting Granny 8
SBA-60: Facesitting Granny 9

Finally we introduce Black, our first mature addition to Smothering Black Asses. She is a grandmother and an avid swinger and she is a spectacular face rider. She pulls Roxi's hair and makes sure she is deep in her pussy and ass. She makes her slave eat her ass and pussy and when she doesn't eat well enough she gets smothered. She totally gets off on the face of a girl half her age. The session ends abruptly with Roxi verbally surrendering to Black, she just can't take the smothering anymore. One of our best.

SBA-88  Raunchy Deep Smother  0
SBA-88  Raunchy Deep Smother  1
SBA-88  Raunchy Deep Smother  2
SBA-88  Raunchy Deep Smother  3
SBA-88  Raunchy Deep Smother  4
SBA-88  Raunchy Deep Smother  5
SBA-88  Raunchy Deep Smother  6
SBA-88  Raunchy Deep Smother  7
SBA-88  Raunchy Deep Smother  8
SBA-88  Raunchy Deep Smother  9

Charity Jones reached a certain level of comfort after her first scene and really wanted to do a pure smother video. This one starts off as humiliating nose in pink pussy and wet ass smothering. Then Charity starts to really get turned on and starts sliding from ass to pussy on Roxi's face. It was like she was marking her territory with her feminine odor and juices. Near the end Charity spreads her ass cheeks so Roxi could stare at her womanhood and the look on Roxi's face spoke voulmes. She'd had enough and wanted no more. The session ends with one great big gasp and another dominant performance for the newcomer.

SBA-06 Try to Breathe Bitch 0
SBA-06 Try to Breathe Bitch 1
SBA-06 Try to Breathe Bitch 2
SBA-06 Try to Breathe Bitch 3
SBA-06 Try to Breathe Bitch 4
SBA-06 Try to Breathe Bitch 5
SBA-06 Try to Breathe Bitch 6
SBA-06 Try to Breathe Bitch 7
SBA-06 Try to Breathe Bitch 8
SBA-06 Try to Breathe Bitch 9


This black Goddess just has too much ass for this bitch to take but she keeps coming back for more. The slave is subjected to forward, reverse, face scissors, side saddle sitting and more. She uses Roxi's hair to pull her deep into her ass. At the end Bmoresbaddgurl almost knocks Roxi unconcious beneath her big ass. 


SBA-84 The Ultimate Submission 0
SBA-84 The Ultimate Submission 1
SBA-84 The Ultimate Submission 2
SBA-84 The Ultimate Submission 3
SBA-84 The Ultimate Submission 4
SBA-84 The Ultimate Submission 5
SBA-84 The Ultimate Submission 6
SBA-84 The Ultimate Submission 7
SBA-84 The Ultimate Submission 8
SBA-84 The Ultimate Submission 9

19 year old Nelly is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, with an amazing body that she knows how to use to make a woman suffer. She loves to hump and grind leaving her scent on her slave. She smothers Roxi to a fever pitch with deep ass smothers, making her eat her ass and pussy while taking her breath away. The conclusion is amazing as Nelly stands and makes Roxi hungrily worship her ass while smothering her between her cheeks. Roxi had to leave the room at the end to get herself together, Nelly is the truth.

SBA-77 Submit To Me  0
SBA-77 Submit To Me  1
SBA-77 Submit To Me  2
SBA-77 Submit To Me  3
SBA-77 Submit To Me  4
SBA-77 Submit To Me  5
SBA-77 Submit To Me  6
SBA-77 Submit To Me  7
SBA-77 Submit To Me  8
SBA-77 Submit To Me  9


Super sexy Stefani does what she does best, smothers Roxi until she's had enough. Forward and reverse facesits along with smothering face scissors lead to a gasping red faced Roxi, hoping for release. Stefani bounces and rides Roxi into submission.


SBA-13 Eat My Jeans Bitch  0
SBA-13 Eat My Jeans Bitch  1
SBA-13 Eat My Jeans Bitch  2
SBA-13 Eat My Jeans Bitch  3
SBA-13 Eat My Jeans Bitch  4
SBA-13 Eat My Jeans Bitch  5
SBA-13 Eat My Jeans Bitch  6
SBA-13 Eat My Jeans Bitch  7
SBA-13 Eat My Jeans Bitch  8
SBA-13 Eat My Jeans Bitch  9


Anyone who has been facesat before knows that a tight pair of jeans can break a nose, rub the skin off your face and there are no air pockets to steal a breath. Dime Diva Kelly totally scissors and smothers her female prey into oblivion. Lots of great forward and reverse smothering and lots of grinding to cause her slave pain and discomfort. There are times you can see the slave wincing in pain as she is smothered out. The seat doesn't do very well, this was her 4th scene of the day and she'd had enough black ass for a lifetime. 


SBA-31 Showing Off  0
SBA-31 Showing Off  1
SBA-31 Showing Off  2
SBA-31 Showing Off  3
SBA-31 Showing Off  4
SBA-31 Showing Off  5
SBA-31 Showing Off  6
SBA-31 Showing Off  7
SBA-31 Showing Off  8
SBA-31 Showing Off  9

Ju'C's boyfriend was at this shoot and she was really showing off for this guy. She wanted him to see her nude while she facesat another female. He had a smile on his face the whole shoot as she took it to Roxi with her big ass and wet pussy. She grinded and smothered her out pretty good.

SBA-89 Unshaven, Unwashed, Unbelievable 0
SBA-89 Unshaven, Unwashed, Unbelievable 1
SBA-89 Unshaven, Unwashed, Unbelievable 2
SBA-89 Unshaven, Unwashed, Unbelievable 3
SBA-89 Unshaven, Unwashed, Unbelievable 4
SBA-89 Unshaven, Unwashed, Unbelievable 5
SBA-89 Unshaven, Unwashed, Unbelievable 6
SBA-89 Unshaven, Unwashed, Unbelievable 7
SBA-89 Unshaven, Unwashed, Unbelievable 8
SBA-89 Unshaven, Unwashed, Unbelievable 9


Sexy Sapphire informed me that she wanted to take Roxi to another level. She didn't trim her bush and hadn't washed since the day before the filming. Roxi gets her first super smelly facesitting session and Sapphire heaps on the verbal humiliation. She talks trash the whole film, you've never seen Roxi humiliated like this. When I got close to get some good angles I could smell this girls ass. She even makes Roxi eat her smelly asshole. Everyone knows we do real fem/fem smothering and if i say she was smelly you know it's true. Email Sapphire and ask her for yourself.



SBA-72 Be A Woman

15:10 Minuten Face Sitting
SBA-72 Be A Woman 0
SBA-72 Be A Woman 1
SBA-72 Be A Woman 2
SBA-72 Be A Woman 3
SBA-72 Be A Woman 4
SBA-72 Be A Woman 5
SBA-72 Be A Woman 6
SBA-72 Be A Woman 7
SBA-72 Be A Woman 8
SBA-72 Be A Woman 9

Roxi has to be a woman and stay smothered beneath sexy Stefani. Roxi is known to use her tongue when she is on the brink of being smothered out but she is not allowed to do so in this clip. Pure erotic facesitting at it's finest as Roxi deals with one of the best facesitters I have ever filmed.