SBA-03 Total Submission 0
SBA-03 Total Submission 1
SBA-03 Total Submission 2
SBA-03 Total Submission 3
SBA-03 Total Submission 4
SBA-03 Total Submission 5
SBA-03 Total Submission 6
SBA-03 Total Submission 7
SBA-03 Total Submission 8
SBA-03 Total Submission 9

Sexy Sapphire is a 92 lb. smothering dynamo, watch her keep Roxi's nose against her asshole making her suffer. She taps her out time after time and talks trash constantly. This is her first girl/girl facesitting scene. She has 2 goals, to smother her slaves in her smelly black ass and to humiliate them verbally. She does both here and makes her slave kiss her feet to end things.

SBA-59 Turning Me On 0
SBA-59 Turning Me On 1
SBA-59 Turning Me On 2
SBA-59 Turning Me On 3
SBA-59 Turning Me On 4
SBA-59 Turning Me On 5
SBA-59 Turning Me On 6
SBA-59 Turning Me On 7
SBA-59 Turning Me On 8
SBA-59 Turning Me On 9

This is a softer encounter between sexy, big butted Nina Ross and Roxi. Nina is totally after 2 things: keeping her clit stimulated using Roxi's nose and getting Roxi to use her tongue to please her. First she must sensually grind and ride the pride out of Roxi, she smothers her big time to get her to do what she wants. Even in this erotic encounter Nina is too much woman for Roxi, she just has too much ass for her to handle. Roxi is so tired from the smothering that she is gasping for air and is unable to stick out her tongue to lick Nina's ass near the end.

SBA-79 Butt Eater

13:34 Minuten Face Sitting
SBA-79 Butt Eater 0
SBA-79 Butt Eater 1
SBA-79 Butt Eater 2
SBA-79 Butt Eater 3
SBA-79 Butt Eater 4
SBA-79 Butt Eater 5
SBA-79 Butt Eater 6
SBA-79 Butt Eater 7
SBA-79 Butt Eater 8
SBA-79 Butt Eater 9

Jazzy likes to drift off to another place when she facesits another chick. She is in her own world and totally smothering the hell out of Roxi, not caring about her struggles. This one quickly becomes a butt munching as Roxi wants no part of this Amazon basketball players tough brand of facesitting. She makes her eat the puss as well, totally humiliating.

SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 0
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 1
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 2
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 3
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 4
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 5
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 6
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 7
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 8
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 9

After a rest, Selene once again tries bottoming and being smothered by Ju'C. After a few moments she is being smothered out to the point where the producer had to be concerned about her safety. So he sends Roxi out and Ju'C alternates between sitting on her two victims. She humiliates them by stuffing her panties in their mouths and wrapping them over their heads. At the end she facesits them both at the same time.

SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 0
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 1
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 2
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 3
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 4
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 5
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 6
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 7
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 8
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 9

Bmoresbaddgurl traps Roxi beneath wet pussy and smelly ass in this incredible session. She proves that she is far more woman than Roxi can handle. This woman loves to enslave men and women in her ass and pussy prison. What gets her off is hearing a slave gasp, fighting for air before submitting or trying to turn their head. You're watching a real woman who really loves smothering.

SBA-100 Black & Superior 0
SBA-100 Black & Superior 1
SBA-100 Black & Superior 2
SBA-100 Black & Superior 3
SBA-100 Black & Superior 4
SBA-100 Black & Superior 5
SBA-100 Black & Superior 6
SBA-100 Black & Superior 7
SBA-100 Black & Superior 8
SBA-100 Black & Superior 9

Jewel loves sitting on a white girls face and believes she is superior to them in every way, especially in sexiness. She loves a girls nose up her wet pussy and trapped against her dark asshole. She sits like she deserves to be there, Roxi is being stubborn as always but a smothering forward squat gets her top put her tongue in the 20 year olds pussy. Jewels facial expressions are priceless she looks like there are better things she could be doing with her time.

SBA-61: Smother Eroticism 0
SBA-61: Smother Eroticism 1
SBA-61: Smother Eroticism 2
SBA-61: Smother Eroticism 3
SBA-61: Smother Eroticism 4
SBA-61: Smother Eroticism 5
SBA-61: Smother Eroticism 6
SBA-61: Smother Eroticism 7
SBA-61: Smother Eroticism 8
SBA-61: Smother Eroticism 9

Black really takes Roxi on an erotic facesitting adventure she won't ever forget. Forward and reverse facesitting gives way to pussy and ass worship. This granny knows how to ride a bitch's face until she is 100% satisfied. All it takes is a tongue in her ass to get this older black woman going wild. 

FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 0
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 1
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 2
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 3
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 4
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 5
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 6
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 7
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 8
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 9

At 20 years old Jewel has her own ideas on what good facesitting is. She loves to smother but she also loves to make a bitch use their tongue on her pussy and ass. She smothers Roxi into submission and earns some deep tongue worship on her asshole as her reward. You can tell she loves the smell and taste of this girl and she does not try to hide it as Jewel aslo throws some wet pussy her way. As usual Roxi learns another lesson beneath a superior ebony Goddess.

SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 0
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 1
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 2
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 3
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 4
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 5
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 6
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 7
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 8
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 9

I Finally got my homegirl Jewel to come down and show Roxi her style of facesitting. She has been talking about teaching her a lesson for a couple of years now. Jewel gets right down to business grabbing Roxi by the hair and at the same time opening her asscheeks so Roxi can sniff and smother under her ass at will. She makes her use her tongue on her asshole quickly, she also grinds her pussy down on her tongue before smothering her with it. She tries not to enjoy Roxi's tongue but she is loving the worship. This is the type of face riding we are known for and Jewel loves to squat over a white chicks face.

GS-02 Goth SchoolGirl 2 0
GS-02 Goth SchoolGirl 2 1
GS-02 Goth SchoolGirl 2 2
GS-02 Goth SchoolGirl 2 3
GS-02 Goth SchoolGirl 2 4
GS-02 Goth SchoolGirl 2 5
GS-02 Goth SchoolGirl 2 6
GS-02 Goth SchoolGirl 2 7
GS-02 Goth SchoolGirl 2 8
GS-02 Goth SchoolGirl 2 9

Goth Girl Selene totally uses Roxi's face and tongue for her pleasure. She makes her  worship her pussy and ass. She smothers her forward and reverse and uses smothering and crushing head scissors. Selene masturbates while she smothers her seat, this girl is vicious.

SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 0
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 1
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 2
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 3
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 4
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 5
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 6
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 7
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 8
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 9

Roxi gets smothered deep in Bmoresbaddgurl's ass and pussy. The facesitting is incredible and she does it from all angles. She goes forward and reverse, squats, side saddle and face scissors to take this bitch's air away. She definitely makes her suffer but i think she likes it.

SBA-33 Smother Lesson  0
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  1
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  2
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  3
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  4
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  5
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  6
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  7
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  8
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  9

Ju'C doesn't think Novice Facesitter Trina is doing a great job smothering Roxi so she joins her for a few moments in this video. After teaching her some sexy smothering she leaves Trina to smother poor Roxi into submission. She is utterly humiliated under the ass of another black woman.

SBA-24 Domination Audition Unedited 0
SBA-24 Domination Audition Unedited 1
SBA-24 Domination Audition Unedited 2
SBA-24 Domination Audition Unedited 3
SBA-24 Domination Audition Unedited 4
SBA-24 Domination Audition Unedited 5
SBA-24 Domination Audition Unedited 6
SBA-24 Domination Audition Unedited 7
SBA-24 Domination Audition Unedited 8
SBA-24 Domination Audition Unedited 9

This is Selene's unedited audition for our company. Things started off badly as she needed a ride to the shoot and was wearing maternity jeans. To make matters worse she neglected to turn off her cellphone and it goes off in the early stages of the shoot. I was thinking that this would be the first and last time we used her. Sge totally surprised us with smothering forward and reverse facesits that left her seat gasping and searching for pockets of air. She smothers this girl with her feet and makes her suck her toes before climbing back on her face. She is very sensual but rough and you'll see why she is a great asset here at BSDLVideo.

SBA-14 Face Abus*

10:51 Minuten Face Sitting
SBA-14 Face Abus* 0
SBA-14 Face Abus* 1
SBA-14 Face Abus* 2
SBA-14 Face Abus* 3
SBA-14 Face Abus* 4
SBA-14 Face Abus* 5
SBA-14 Face Abus* 6
SBA-14 Face Abus* 7
SBA-14 Face Abus* 8
SBA-14 Face Abus* 9

Kelly is back at it using this chicks face for her pleasure. She grinds and humps this chicks face seeking the ultimate pleasure. She doesn't make it easy on her female slave as she smothers her pretty good while geeting service on her pussy and ass. She even scissors her head and humps trying to get off.

SBA-10 Straight Punk 0
SBA-10 Straight Punk 1
SBA-10 Straight Punk 2
SBA-10 Straight Punk 3
SBA-10 Straight Punk 4
SBA-10 Straight Punk 5
SBA-10 Straight Punk 6
SBA-10 Straight Punk 7
SBA-10 Straight Punk 8
SBA-10 Straight Punk 9

This video was scheduled to be a marathon smother video but this guy only lasted 30 minutes. He talked alot of trash but had to submit beneath 180lbs of pure thickness. Bmoresbaddgurl has a phat ass and loves to use it on a mans face. She makes him submit over and over, sometimes several times in a span of a few seconds. He got claustrophobic and wanted to end the session and go home. Could you survive beneath her?

SBA-93 Smother, Squeeze, Surrender, Eat 0
SBA-93 Smother, Squeeze, Surrender, Eat 1
SBA-93 Smother, Squeeze, Surrender, Eat 2
SBA-93 Smother, Squeeze, Surrender, Eat 3
SBA-93 Smother, Squeeze, Surrender, Eat 4
SBA-93 Smother, Squeeze, Surrender, Eat 5
SBA-93 Smother, Squeeze, Surrender, Eat 6
SBA-93 Smother, Squeeze, Surrender, Eat 7
SBA-93 Smother, Squeeze, Surrender, Eat 8
SBA-93 Smother, Squeeze, Surrender, Eat 9

Shy is back to the business of smothering Roxi deep in her ass and pussy, she's really struggling under this womans weight. She is gasping for air while being ordered to use her tongue on her asshole and pussy. She traps Roxi in a smothering scissor and squeezes her with her thick thighs until she surrenders and licks her pussy. She continues to alternate between scissors and making her eat it. This is an intense short clip as Roxi couldn't take anymore on this day.

SBA-92 Wifey Takes A Ride 0
SBA-92 Wifey Takes A Ride 1
SBA-92 Wifey Takes A Ride 2
SBA-92 Wifey Takes A Ride 3
SBA-92 Wifey Takes A Ride 4
SBA-92 Wifey Takes A Ride 5
SBA-92 Wifey Takes A Ride 6
SBA-92 Wifey Takes A Ride 7
SBA-92 Wifey Takes A Ride 8
SBA-92 Wifey Takes A Ride 9

A fan of the site emailed me upset that the site has been featuring "models" lately. He told me that instead of 18 and 19 year old inexperienced girls I should show real women from time to time. His wife volunteered to teach Roxi what real smothering humiliation is all about. Shy is the most focused sitter that I've ever seen. She has this blank stare and when she makes Roxi to eat her ass it's all business. She makes sure every breath Roxi gets is full of her ass scent. She specializes in ass sniffing, at the end all you hear is Roxi trying to breath and Shy holding her asshole against her nose. Roxi pushes her off and runs out of the room, she was totally humiliated and owned by a real woman.

SA-02 Face Furniture 0
SA-02 Face Furniture 1
SA-02 Face Furniture 2
SA-02 Face Furniture 3
SA-02 Face Furniture 4
SA-02 Face Furniture 5
SA-02 Face Furniture 6
SA-02 Face Furniture 7
SA-02 Face Furniture 8
SA-02 Face Furniture 9

This Blatina Cutie has 2 objectives: Smother a chick deep in her ass and deep in her pussy until she can't take it any more. She also likes to look great doing it. Eve works Roxi over without even breaking a sweat, she is a facesitting natural and her body is to die for. She almost breaks Roxi's nose with her deep pussy and ass smothers.

SA-01 Eat It or Smother 0
SA-01 Eat It or Smother 1
SA-01 Eat It or Smother 2
SA-01 Eat It or Smother 3
SA-01 Eat It or Smother 4
SA-01 Eat It or Smother 5
SA-01 Eat It or Smother 6
SA-01 Eat It or Smother 7
SA-01 Eat It or Smother 8
SA-01 Eat It or Smother 9

5'8" Model Eve uses her tight pussy and smelly ass to extract submission after submission from Roxi. She throws in some super tight pussy to face head scissors that really takes her slave to the brink. There is alot of reluctance on Roxi's behalf to lick this chicks ass but she has no choice.

SBA-98 I'm A Newbie

18:57 Minuten Face Sitting
SBA-98 I'm A Newbie 0
SBA-98 I'm A Newbie 1
SBA-98 I'm A Newbie 2
SBA-98 I'm A Newbie 3
SBA-98 I'm A Newbie 4
SBA-98 I'm A Newbie 5
SBA-98 I'm A Newbie 6
SBA-98 I'm A Newbie 7
SBA-98 I'm A Newbie 8
SBA-98 I'm A Newbie 9

Eve is a gorgeous 5'8" 125lb model with a great body and a great assertive attitude. She is new at sitting on a females face, new at smothering her until she submits. She's new at getting a chick to smell and eat her ass but I guess she likes new experiences. Eve loved punishing Roxi in another humiliating smother session.