SBA-114 Bad Bottom

15:42 Minuten Face Sitting
SBA-114 Bad Bottom 0
SBA-114 Bad Bottom 1
SBA-114 Bad Bottom 2
SBA-114 Bad Bottom 3
SBA-114 Bad Bottom 4
SBA-114 Bad Bottom 5
SBA-114 Bad Bottom 6
SBA-114 Bad Bottom 7
SBA-114 Bad Bottom 8
SBA-114 Bad Bottom 9

Ginger was well aware of Roxi's reputation for being able to withstand being facesit by some of the most amazing Black women around. Ginger had already made Roxi go out beneath her thick ass and was unimpressed but she learns Roxi is the truth and can take alot of punishment. Gingers brand of punishment may look sexy but that heavy grinding takes a quick toll on you. I will try to get her contact info for my session guys.

SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 0
SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 1
SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 2
SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 3
SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 4
SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 5
SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 6
SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 7
SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 8
SBA-113 Put Her To Slee* 9

Ginger is incredible, she's beautiful, smart and provocative. She has the best ass since Nina Ross. Ginger throws on her theme music, rubs, grinds and gyrates Roxi into oblivion. A little over 11 minutes into the session it dawned on me that Roxi had not been gasping or groaning in quite some time. I zoomed in and pulled her hair to check on her and yes she was out under Goddess Ginger. I faded out and made sure she was good. After recovering Roxi is smart enough to please Ginger's asshole and try to keep from getting smothered but it doesn't work. A great session and our first nap time smother.

SBA-110 Fan Interaction 0
SBA-110 Fan Interaction 1
SBA-110 Fan Interaction 2
SBA-110 Fan Interaction 3
SBA-110 Fan Interaction 4
SBA-110 Fan Interaction 5
SBA-110 Fan Interaction 6
SBA-110 Fan Interaction 7
SBA-110 Fan Interaction 8
SBA-110 Fan Interaction 9


Sexy Sapphire is back and totally dominates and humiliates a fan of the site who paid for the honor. She verbally degrades him while he oils up her ass, she is demanding and bratty as always. This guy gets his first facesitting session from one of the best and is made to sniff and eat her ass and pussy. You can be next!!!

Email her about her touring schedule: Chicago, L.A., Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Memphis, NYC, New Jersey

In her blog she recounts her role at smothering black asses:


SBA-112 Your Tongue For My Use 0
SBA-112 Your Tongue For My Use 1
SBA-112 Your Tongue For My Use 2
SBA-112 Your Tongue For My Use 3
SBA-112 Your Tongue For My Use 4
SBA-112 Your Tongue For My Use 5
SBA-112 Your Tongue For My Use 6
SBA-112 Your Tongue For My Use 7
SBA-112 Your Tongue For My Use 8
SBA-112 Your Tongue For My Use 9

This is a case study of deep, vicious facesitting that can only end with the slave eating asshole and licking her Mistresses feet. Roxi doesn't last long at all and was begging for this video to be over. Shy really took it to her.

SBA-111 I Need A Real Man 0
SBA-111 I Need A Real Man 1
SBA-111 I Need A Real Man 2
SBA-111 I Need A Real Man 3
SBA-111 I Need A Real Man 4
SBA-111 I Need A Real Man 5
SBA-111 I Need A Real Man 6
SBA-111 I Need A Real Man 7
SBA-111 I Need A Real Man 8
SBA-111 I Need A Real Man 9


Sapphire gets better and better and this ass and foot worship session is no exception. Her submissive and fan of the site worships her feet and ass all in an effort to please his Black Goddess. She rubs her sexy black feet on his white balls as encouragement. She heaps on the verbal humiliation after she is left unsatisfied. When he can't cum on her feet she says "I guess I need a real man to cum on my toes, one that can keep it hard when i'm naked, Such a shame" She even made him apologize for his lack of virility. I am sure one of you guys or girls can do a better job, step up and be next.

Email her about her touring schedule: Chicago, L.A., Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Memphis, NYC, New Jersey


In her blog she recounts her role at smothering black asses:




SBA-109 A New Ballgame 0
SBA-109 A New Ballgame 1
SBA-109 A New Ballgame 2
SBA-109 A New Ballgame 3
SBA-109 A New Ballgame 4
SBA-109 A New Ballgame 5
SBA-109 A New Ballgame 6
SBA-109 A New Ballgame 7
SBA-109 A New Ballgame 8
SBA-109 A New Ballgame 9

Shy's husband contacted me and told me that she has lost 60lbs and wants another crack at making Roxi submit to her ass. I gladly agreed and Shy put Roxi in her place quickly but really took her time smothering her slave with precision. Roxi does her best and it took a deep squat facesit to take the starch out of her.

SBA-07 Get Me Off

32:19 Minuten Face Sitting
SBA-07 Get Me Off 0
SBA-07 Get Me Off 1
SBA-07 Get Me Off 2
SBA-07 Get Me Off 3
SBA-07 Get Me Off 4
SBA-07 Get Me Off 5
SBA-07 Get Me Off 6
SBA-07 Get Me Off 7
SBA-07 Get Me Off 8
SBA-07 Get Me Off 9

This was Dime Diva's first scene and she was very sexually frustrated. She'd been having man troubles and took this opportunity to have a few orgasms. She has on a sexy camoflauge bikini which she hops out of in one minute flat!!! She smothers the hell out of her female slave but is searching for orgasms the whole time and she gets a few loud ones. She gets very aroused and starts licking and sucking on the slaves nipples before climbing back on top of her face. This girl loves to get off and you'll love watching her.

SBA-76 Work Hard For It 0
SBA-76 Work Hard For It 1
SBA-76 Work Hard For It 2
SBA-76 Work Hard For It 3
SBA-76 Work Hard For It 4
SBA-76 Work Hard For It 5
SBA-76 Work Hard For It 6
SBA-76 Work Hard For It 7
SBA-76 Work Hard For It 8
SBA-76 Work Hard For It 9

Trina has never had another womans tongue on her asshole or pussy but that has changed. She smothered Roxi so deep and heavily that she had no choice but to satisfy her Mistress. Even while being worshiped Trina smothers Roxi and does not make it easy for her, using a handful of hair to control her victim. She proves she has far too much ass for Roxi to handle.

SBA-51 Do You Give?

28:14 Minuten Face Sitting
SBA-51 Do You Give? 0
SBA-51 Do You Give? 1
SBA-51 Do You Give? 2
SBA-51 Do You Give? 3
SBA-51 Do You Give? 4
SBA-51 Do You Give? 5
SBA-51 Do You Give? 6
SBA-51 Do You Give? 7
SBA-51 Do You Give? 8
SBA-51 Do You Give? 9

Ju'C is at her most verbal as she totally destroys Roxi. She keeps her face under thick ass and pussy and pmps and grinds her victim without mercy. She gets angry because Roxi won't submit even though she has asked her over and over. Listen to the way she gasps and how labored her breahing is. This is 100% real facesitting where the slave was pushed to the limit.

SBA-101I'm Your Girl 0
SBA-101I'm Your Girl 1
SBA-101I'm Your Girl 2
SBA-101I'm Your Girl 3
SBA-101I'm Your Girl 4
SBA-101I'm Your Girl 5
SBA-101I'm Your Girl 6
SBA-101I'm Your Girl 7
SBA-101I'm Your Girl 8
SBA-101I'm Your Girl 9

La'Moure is flirtatious, nasty and 155lbs of pure thickness. She loves the camera almost as much as Roxi's tongue in her ass. She truly works up a sweat while smothering and enjoys every moment of pleasure. She licks her own tits and twists her own nipples while riding face. This girl is a keeper, wifey material and Med student.

SBA-103 Worship Me Bitch 0
SBA-103 Worship Me Bitch 1
SBA-103 Worship Me Bitch 2
SBA-103 Worship Me Bitch 3
SBA-103 Worship Me Bitch 4
SBA-103 Worship Me Bitch 5
SBA-103 Worship Me Bitch 6
SBA-103 Worship Me Bitch 7
SBA-103 Worship Me Bitch 8
SBA-103 Worship Me Bitch 9

Jewel is a great facesitter but she's also a woman that gets turned on when dominating another woman. Jewel smothers Roxi out and makes her worship her ass big time. She's not used to having her ass worshiped but somehow I think she'll get used to it.

SBA-03 Total Submission 0
SBA-03 Total Submission 1
SBA-03 Total Submission 2
SBA-03 Total Submission 3
SBA-03 Total Submission 4
SBA-03 Total Submission 5
SBA-03 Total Submission 6
SBA-03 Total Submission 7
SBA-03 Total Submission 8
SBA-03 Total Submission 9

Sexy Sapphire is a 92 lb. smothering dynamo, watch her keep Roxi's nose against her asshole making her suffer. She taps her out time after time and talks trash constantly. This is her first girl/girl facesitting scene. She has 2 goals, to smother her slaves in her smelly black ass and to humiliate them verbally. She does both here and makes her slave kiss her feet to end things.

SBA-79 Butt Eater

13:34 Minuten Face Sitting
SBA-79 Butt Eater 0
SBA-79 Butt Eater 1
SBA-79 Butt Eater 2
SBA-79 Butt Eater 3
SBA-79 Butt Eater 4
SBA-79 Butt Eater 5
SBA-79 Butt Eater 6
SBA-79 Butt Eater 7
SBA-79 Butt Eater 8
SBA-79 Butt Eater 9

Jazzy likes to drift off to another place when she facesits another chick. She is in her own world and totally smothering the hell out of Roxi, not caring about her struggles. This one quickly becomes a butt munching as Roxi wants no part of this Amazon basketball players tough brand of facesitting. She makes her eat the puss as well, totally humiliating.

SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 0
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 1
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 2
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 3
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 4
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 5
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 6
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 7
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 8
SBA-21 Smothering Both Of You Bitches 9

After a rest, Selene once again tries bottoming and being smothered by Ju'C. After a few moments she is being smothered out to the point where the producer had to be concerned about her safety. So he sends Roxi out and Ju'C alternates between sitting on her two victims. She humiliates them by stuffing her panties in their mouths and wrapping them over their heads. At the end she facesits them both at the same time.

SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 0
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 1
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 2
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 3
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 4
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 5
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 6
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 7
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 8
SBA-09 Under Thick Ass 9

Bmoresbaddgurl traps Roxi beneath wet pussy and smelly ass in this incredible session. She proves that she is far more woman than Roxi can handle. This woman loves to enslave men and women in her ass and pussy prison. What gets her off is hearing a slave gasp, fighting for air before submitting or trying to turn their head. You're watching a real woman who really loves smothering.

SBA-100 Black & Superior 0
SBA-100 Black & Superior 1
SBA-100 Black & Superior 2
SBA-100 Black & Superior 3
SBA-100 Black & Superior 4
SBA-100 Black & Superior 5
SBA-100 Black & Superior 6
SBA-100 Black & Superior 7
SBA-100 Black & Superior 8
SBA-100 Black & Superior 9

Jewel loves sitting on a white girls face and believes she is superior to them in every way, especially in sexiness. She loves a girls nose up her wet pussy and trapped against her dark asshole. She sits like she deserves to be there, Roxi is being stubborn as always but a smothering forward squat gets her top put her tongue in the 20 year olds pussy. Jewels facial expressions are priceless she looks like there are better things she could be doing with her time.

FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 0
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 1
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 2
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 3
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 4
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 5
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 6
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 7
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 8
FAUD-06 Facesitting Audition: Jewel 9

At 20 years old Jewel has her own ideas on what good facesitting is. She loves to smother but she also loves to make a bitch use their tongue on her pussy and ass. She smothers Roxi into submission and earns some deep tongue worship on her asshole as her reward. You can tell she loves the smell and taste of this girl and she does not try to hide it as Jewel aslo throws some wet pussy her way. As usual Roxi learns another lesson beneath a superior ebony Goddess.

SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 0
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 1
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 2
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 3
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 4
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 5
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 6
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 7
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 8
SBA-99 How We Do In NYC Bitch 9

I Finally got my homegirl Jewel to come down and show Roxi her style of facesitting. She has been talking about teaching her a lesson for a couple of years now. Jewel gets right down to business grabbing Roxi by the hair and at the same time opening her asscheeks so Roxi can sniff and smother under her ass at will. She makes her use her tongue on her asshole quickly, she also grinds her pussy down on her tongue before smothering her with it. She tries not to enjoy Roxi's tongue but she is loving the worship. This is the type of face riding we are known for and Jewel loves to squat over a white chicks face.

SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 0
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 1
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 2
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 3
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 4
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 5
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 6
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 7
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 8
SBA-08 Hot Black Ass 9

Roxi gets smothered deep in Bmoresbaddgurl's ass and pussy. The facesitting is incredible and she does it from all angles. She goes forward and reverse, squats, side saddle and face scissors to take this bitch's air away. She definitely makes her suffer but i think she likes it.

SBA-33 Smother Lesson  0
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  1
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  2
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  3
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  4
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  5
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  6
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  7
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  8
SBA-33 Smother Lesson  9

Ju'C doesn't think Novice Facesitter Trina is doing a great job smothering Roxi so she joins her for a few moments in this video. After teaching her some sexy smothering she leaves Trina to smother poor Roxi into submission. She is utterly humiliated under the ass of another black woman.