FAUD-08 Savor It

16:25 MinutenFace Sitting
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FAUD-08 Savor It 2
FAUD-08 Savor It 3
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FAUD-08 Savor It 9

Danielle is the most beautiful girl I've ever worked with. She is a stallion with an amazing body, pure phatness. She is a sista from the U.K. and her accent alone will have you shooting loads. She talks trash non stop so she not only dominates her with a perfect, smelly ass but with a razor sharp wit. She makes her slave eat her big ass of course. I had been bragging about the slave but Danielle was unimpressed. Buy this and tell me any of my other girls have genuinely loved dominating more than this girl.

SBA-122 Dumb White Bitch 0
SBA-122 Dumb White Bitch 1
SBA-122 Dumb White Bitch 2
SBA-122 Dumb White Bitch 3
SBA-122 Dumb White Bitch 4
SBA-122 Dumb White Bitch 5
SBA-122 Dumb White Bitch 6
SBA-122 Dumb White Bitch 7
SBA-122 Dumb White Bitch 8
SBA-122 Dumb White Bitch 9

Selene and Danielle are arguing over who gets to smother the slave first. Danielle is our latest addition to SBA. She is a pure stallion, thick in all the right places and is very verbal and loves to humiliate slaves. They smother this chick out and  feed her each others assholes all while calling her dumb white bich and crackka. This video contains race play, heavy verbal humiliation and nonstop ridicule. A classic.

SBA-120 Queen Selene 0
SBA-120 Queen Selene 1
SBA-120 Queen Selene 2
SBA-120 Queen Selene 3
SBA-120 Queen Selene 4
SBA-120 Queen Selene 5
SBA-120 Queen Selene 6
SBA-120 Queen Selene 7
SBA-120 Queen Selene 8
SBA-120 Queen Selene 9

Selene is in rare form using smothering face and headscissors to make her slave panic when desperation sets in. She twists her tits making her suffer while being smothered. Forward and reverse facesitting leads to some sexy pussy and ass worship. Selene decides to use her victim for her pleasure, she straps a dildo to the slaves face and rides it until she is satisfied.


SBA:118 You Gotta Go 0
SBA:118 You Gotta Go 1
SBA:118 You Gotta Go 2
SBA:118 You Gotta Go 3
SBA:118 You Gotta Go 4
SBA:118 You Gotta Go 5
SBA:118 You Gotta Go 6
SBA:118 You Gotta Go 7
SBA:118 You Gotta Go 8
SBA:118 You Gotta Go 9

I have never been asked to leave before the conclusion of a shoot until now. I actually didn't even get a chance to fold down my lights. I will let the other model tell the story.

"I worshiped Shy's big,nasty feet in another clip and after being smothered and made to eat Shy’s ass. It was her turn to bottom came that I had to laugh. This chick was underneath me for a very short time before not only tapping out but stopping the video! She wanted a rag for her face. Hell she tried to have me smother her with rag over her mouth and nose. Yes, I was that wet.  Minutes later Shy, tapped out and said, “you gotta go.”  I was like WTF. This chick said she had to go somewhere. Damn I scared her off after only minutes, I wonder if a chick can last the full length. Bsdl has to be pick better because this one FAILED."

SBA-15 Trying To Steal Some Air 0
SBA-15 Trying To Steal Some Air 1
SBA-15 Trying To Steal Some Air 2
SBA-15 Trying To Steal Some Air 3
SBA-15 Trying To Steal Some Air 4
SBA-15 Trying To Steal Some Air 5
SBA-15 Trying To Steal Some Air 6
SBA-15 Trying To Steal Some Air 7
SBA-15 Trying To Steal Some Air 8
SBA-15 Trying To Steal Some Air 9

Sexy Sapphire takes her facesitting exploits very seriously and facesits women as viciously as she facesits men. She really works Roxi over big time in this clip. Roxi always tries to open her mouth and get air while being facesat but Sapphire is having none of that. She smothers her big time and the gasps don't lie. Sapphire of course takes time to laugh at her slave's predicament and talk a little trash as well. If you want real, hard smothering and no eroticism this is it.

SBA-43 Cum For Me Bitch Part 1 0
SBA-43 Cum For Me Bitch Part 1 1
SBA-43 Cum For Me Bitch Part 1 2
SBA-43 Cum For Me Bitch Part 1 3
SBA-43 Cum For Me Bitch Part 1 4
SBA-43 Cum For Me Bitch Part 1 5
SBA-43 Cum For Me Bitch Part 1 6
SBA-43 Cum For Me Bitch Part 1 7
SBA-43 Cum For Me Bitch Part 1 8
SBA-43 Cum For Me Bitch Part 1 9

Cherri and Selene swap hot, sexy nude facesits until one sexually dominant girl turns the other one on to the point of no return. Breasts and asses are groped and rubbed until one inserts her tongue into the others pussy. Tits are sucked before and after they 69 pleasuring one another. One girl inserts her whole hand in the others pussy getting her off as she eats her. Now its the losers turn to eat the winners pussy and she enjoys every minute of it. The winner stands over her rival and rubs her feet in between her sweaty breasts.

SBA-57 Suffer For Me: Tongue Worship 0
SBA-57 Suffer For Me: Tongue Worship 1
SBA-57 Suffer For Me: Tongue Worship 2
SBA-57 Suffer For Me: Tongue Worship 3
SBA-57 Suffer For Me: Tongue Worship 4
SBA-57 Suffer For Me: Tongue Worship 5
SBA-57 Suffer For Me: Tongue Worship 6
SBA-57 Suffer For Me: Tongue Worship 7
SBA-57 Suffer For Me: Tongue Worship 8
SBA-57 Suffer For Me: Tongue Worship 9

This is what real facesitting sounds like, a slave using her tongue to please her Mistress. You hear wet tongue meet hot ass and pink pussy. You hear the slave gasping uncontrollably as she struggles to get air and please a woman at the same time. Sweat glistens off Nina as she takes Roxi on the ride of a lifetime. You can hear how wet she is even when there is no licking taking place. Nina has arrived.

FAUD-07 Facesitting Audition: Ginger 0
FAUD-07 Facesitting Audition: Ginger 1
FAUD-07 Facesitting Audition: Ginger 2
FAUD-07 Facesitting Audition: Ginger 3
FAUD-07 Facesitting Audition: Ginger 4
FAUD-07 Facesitting Audition: Ginger 5
FAUD-07 Facesitting Audition: Ginger 6
FAUD-07 Facesitting Audition: Ginger 7
FAUD-07 Facesitting Audition: Ginger 8
FAUD-07 Facesitting Audition: Ginger 9

Ginger is a super sexy Rasta woman aka "Sistren" who loves to smoke and have a great time on a womans face. She has a body built for facesitting, including thick thighs and a phat ass. She loves grooving to her music and creating a seductive environment while she grinds a girl's face to mush. I knew she was a keeper when a little over a minute into the audtion she tells Roxi to lick and Roxi does as she is told. Best first time session that I can recall.

SBA-07 Get Me Off

32:19 MinutenFace Sitting
SBA-07 Get Me Off 0
SBA-07 Get Me Off 1
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SBA-07 Get Me Off 3
SBA-07 Get Me Off 4
SBA-07 Get Me Off 5
SBA-07 Get Me Off 6
SBA-07 Get Me Off 7
SBA-07 Get Me Off 8
SBA-07 Get Me Off 9

This was Dime Diva's first scene and she was very sexually frustrated. She'd been having man troubles and took this opportunity to have a few orgasms. She has on a sexy camoflauge bikini which she hops out of in one minute flat!!! She smothers the hell out of her female slave but is searching for orgasms the whole time and she gets a few loud ones. She gets very aroused and starts licking and sucking on the slaves nipples before climbing back on top of her face. This girl loves to get off and you'll love watching her.

SBA-82 Toe Curling Smothers 0
SBA-82 Toe Curling Smothers 1
SBA-82 Toe Curling Smothers 2
SBA-82 Toe Curling Smothers 3
SBA-82 Toe Curling Smothers 4
SBA-82 Toe Curling Smothers 5
SBA-82 Toe Curling Smothers 6
SBA-82 Toe Curling Smothers 7
SBA-82 Toe Curling Smothers 8
SBA-82 Toe Curling Smothers 9

Trina is an BBW facesitter who loves making a girl gasp and moan under her huge ass. She loves how it feels when they try to breathe and all they get is bare ass flesh and her fragrance.Trina actually curls Roxi's toes on numerous occassions because of the claustrophobic smothering. After only 20 minutes Roxi is sweaty and exhausted as Trina works her over, sitting on her battered red face.