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SBA-70 Eat It

July 22, 2014

19:56 minutes

After being utterly destroyed in the facesitting challenge video this guy gets wise. After some intense forward and reverse facesitting he worships Ju'C's pussy and she loves taking a face ride while being tongue fucked. 


SBA-69 Facesitting Challenge Series # 1

July 15, 2014

39:48 minutes

JU'C is challenged and meets a true facesitting connoisseur. She is under the impression that he has been talking major trash and is able to handle being smothered under her ample assets. Ju'C is at her meanest and most sadistic and she talks non stop trash from beginning to end. You have never seen her like this. She leaves this dude gasping and knowing how real our videos are. Any male or female that thinks they are able to handle her, contact us and she is ready, willing and able to prove you wrong. 


SBA-68 Bumpy Ride

July 08, 2014

12:03 minutes

This movie is for fans of soft domination where all a girl needs to seduce a woman is bare feet and a round ass. Cherri sensually smothers Roxi with her feet before sliding them over her tongue. She mounts this woman and erotically rides her out forward and reverse. This one is very, very sexy, Cherri proves there is more than one way to dominate a woman.


SBA-65: I Love Your Face

July 01, 2014

20:06 minutes

Having learned a few new smother techniques our swinging granny Black rocks Roxi's world.She masturbates herself and crushes Roxi's head with scissors. Black gets so turned on she pulls out her tit and starts licking her own nipples.


SBA-27 Virgin Facesitting Queen

June 25, 2014

17:47 minutes

Cherri is a beautiful Black and Asian Goddess who has never sat on a womans face. She totally enjoys putting her pussy and ass all over this girls face and smothering her until her face is red and she is gasping for air. Come see this sexy vixen with the perfect dancers body use a bitch's face for the first time ever. 


SBA-64: Teasing You

June 24, 2014

21:47 minutes

Black is back with another lesson in smothering, ass cleaning and pussy worship for Roxi. She talks trash while smothering her victim and teasing her hair. She says " You like that?" "Thats right take it." "I love it when u do that, when you can't breathe". This is a very sexy video showcasing a great slave and great sitter. 


SBA-142 Eternal Dark Candy

June 17, 2014

14:30 minutes

Eternal Dark Candy is phat as hell and built for facesitting and eager for her audition. She is all over Veronica's face with 145 lbs of pure thickness. You can hear the gasps as she lifts up or simply spread her ass cheeks just enough to allow her a single breath making her  inhale her scent.  Veronica tries to eat her asshole quickly, Eternal Dark Candy simply bounces on her tongue before smothering her even as she tries to feast on her inviting ass ring. Often times sitting forward pressing her perfect pussy against Veronica’s nose as she sits directly on her throat knowing she will be made to beg for air. Don’t feel sorry for Veronica, you know we all envy her and ache to be beneath the Eternal Dark Candy! This one was getting ugly at the end and had to be stopped for safety purposes as the seat was really struggling.


SBA-141 I Feel Sad When You Breathe

June 10, 2014

17:18 minutes

Eternal Dark Candy is super cute, super phat and knows how to dominate a bitch under her ass and pussy. She is 5'3" and 145lbs, is thick like Nina Ross, facesits like Ginger and talks trash like Sexy Sapphire. When her slave eats her ass she tells her to "Stop being selfish, selfish girls get punished and sufocated." "Can't breathe, I don't care." "Someone is greedy for air and I don't like that." "I feel sad when you breathe." "OOh somebody is turning red." "Just a little bit of air, don't get too carried away." She verbally goes after this girl the whole time, sooo sexy. Fans of reverse facesitting will love how she twerks her thick ass while grinding into the slaves face. Taking your breath away only to make you to lick her delicate brown ass ring. Her forward facesitting is even more breath taking! Her perfect wet pussy gyrating against Veronica's face. She leaves Veronica sprawled out, gasping for air and her face covered in girl goo!


SBA-140 Way Too Much Fun

April 17, 2014

17:13 minutes

Ju'C and Syoja are all over this chicks face, laughing and giggling at her predicament as she is made to eat, sniff and smother under their smelly assholes. They bounce, rub and gring their way to intense pleasure and satisfaction. This one is rough and sexy, one of our best and not to be missed.


SBA-139 Role Reversal: This Black Bitch Gives Good Head

April 05, 2014

15:07 minutes

Selene may be a proud sista but she knows when it is best to use your tongue to please your Mistress. She gets her face ridden hard and eats ass and pussy like a pro trying to get mercy from being smothered. She gets her Mistress to cum on her face so she did a great job while being fed ass and pussy.