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SBA-143 Girl Goo

September 18, 2014

15:41 minutes

Bunny and Selene smother and fuck a female face until they are satisfied. Bunny grabs her by the hair and fucks her nose until she cums leaving girl goo all over her face. They make her sniff and eat their smelly, black asses and she even cleans Bunny's wet pussy too.


FAUD-12 Facesitting Audition: Bunny

September 11, 2014

14:17 minutes

Newcomer Bunny is 160 lbs of pure thickness, she is chocolate perfection. She pumps and grinds all over Veronica until she eats her ass and pussy. Bunny is so turned on she eats Veronica's pussy while still smothering her. We hope to see more of Bunny soon as we just filmed her for Academy Wrestling.


SBA-52 Body Smothering

September 03, 2014

11:13 minutes

Ju'C uses her whole body as a smother weapon, she uses hand over mouth and foot smothering to humiliate her fem slave. She smothers her in bare ass and pussy and uses her sexy, thick thighs to keep her slave gasping for air as well. 


SBA-29 Up Close & Personal

August 27, 2014

16:33 minutes

This was a custom request from a great fan of our site who wanted to see Ju'C up close and personal. He wanted the movie to be shot with a tight angle so he could feel like he was sitting right in the room watching the action. Ju'C is her usual incredible self as she totally wipes out her female seat and does alot more wiggling and grinding than usual. One of her better efforts in the smothering department.


SBA-04 Scissors and Smother Practice

August 19, 2014

31:29 minutes

This video is a masterpiece, a practice smother and scissor session turns ugly. Selene gets very rough with her slave smothering and squeezing her into submission. She uses all kinds of smothering positions and is relentless and erotic. She demands oral service for her ass and pussy and her female slave complies. Bouncing, masturbating, grinding, figure 4's, side saddle and oral worship are the order of the day. 


SBA-34 Top Bitch

August 12, 2014

11:42 minutes

Kelly is back and does she ever use her pussy, ass and gorgeous, chocolate feet to seduce Roxi. She grinds and wiggles all over Roxi's face making her use her tongue to please her but not before Roxi worships her bare feet. Kelly is constantly playing with her pussy and sometimes ass while Roxi devours her feet. Lots of foot and facesit action.


SBA-78 Ass Prisoner

August 05, 2014

19:33 minutes

Cocky Vixen Ju'C asserts her dominance physically and emotionally on Roxi proclaiming " She is officially under arrest, how about that" and " This prisoner is not allowed to breathe". She totally squashes and annihilates Roxi, turn up your speakers and listen to the gasping. We do this for real!!!! 


SBA-80 Hidden Jewel

July 29, 2014

26:31 minutes

We thought this footage was lost forever but i remembered shooting this film with a second camera. Selene totally treats Roxi to a bare ass and bare feet smother and worship session. All the fans who are familiar with Selene understand her mean streak and her lack of concern for her victims safety.


SBA-70 Eat It

July 22, 2014

19:56 minutes

After being utterly destroyed in the facesitting challenge video this guy gets wise. After some intense forward and reverse facesitting he worships Ju'C's pussy and she loves taking a face ride while being tongue fucked. 


SBA-69 Facesitting Challenge Series # 1

July 15, 2014

39:48 minutes

JU'C is challenged and meets a true facesitting connoisseur. She is under the impression that he has been talking major trash and is able to handle being smothered under her ample assets. Ju'C is at her meanest and most sadistic and she talks non stop trash from beginning to end. You have never seen her like this. She leaves this dude gasping and knowing how real our videos are. Any male or female that thinks they are able to handle her, contact us and she is ready, willing and able to prove you wrong.