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SBA-140 Way Too Much Fun

April 17, 2014

17:13 minutes

Ju'C and Syoja are all over this chicks face, laughing and giggling at her predicament as she is made to eat, sniff and smother under their smelly assholes. They bounce, rub and gring their way to intense pleasure and satisfaction. This one is rough and sexy, one of our best and not to be missed.


SBA-139 Role Reversal: This Black Bitch Gives Good Head

April 05, 2014

15:07 minutes

Selene may be a proud sista but she knows when it is best to use your tongue to please your Mistress. She gets her face ridden hard and eats ass and pussy like a pro trying to get mercy from being smothered. She gets her Mistress to cum on her face so she did a great job while being fed ass and pussy.


SBA-25 Tongue Riding

March 27, 2014

21:04 minutes

This is Kelly at her most erotic, she wiggles, grinds, pumps and gyrates on Roxi's tongue and nose until she climaxes. She really knows how to use another womans face to get off and still manages to smother the hell out of her victims as well. At one point Roxi tongues Kelly's ass like her life depended on it trying to keep from getting smothered out. The video is a little dark, just add a small bit of brightness in your Windows media player and watch the best facesitting video you've seen in a while.


FAUD-11 Facesitting Audition: Danielle

March 20, 2014

15:15 minutes

There is nothing like seeing a beautiful, chocolate sista learning how to use her ass to smother another female into submission. Danielle is a facesitting virgin and her first time is a big success as she has this white girl groaning, moaning, whining and struggling under her sexy black ass. One of the first new girls to sit deeply on a slave and not give her long breaks between breaths. 


FAUD-10 Facesitting Audition: Using Your Tongue and Face

March 13, 2014

15:12 minutes

Cyn is a sexually adventurous black woman, you have to be to use a perfect strangers, nose, lips and tongue to get off. She rubs her nipples, fingers her pussy as her slave panics as she is smothered in dripping wet pussy. Cyn has her slave worked into a frenzy with her erotic teasing and grinding making Veronica desperately want to plunge her tongue into Cyn's wetness. 


SBA-138 Role Reversal: Syoja Dominates Ju'C

March 06, 2014

11:49 minutes

You have never seen Ju'C under the ass of a white chick, today Syoja changes all of that by working her over with her sexy white ass. She grinds all over her nose and mouth smothering the black chick and leaving her pussy and ass scent behind. If you love a white girl using a black girls face until she's satisfied, this is for you. We may never see Ju'C do this again.


SBA-137 The Return Of Ju'C

February 27, 2014

18:08 minutes

Ju'C is as thick and sexy as ever as she teams with Syoja to administer facesitting domination to a hapless white girl. She is smothered into submission and to sniff and eat superior ass. They dish out a 2 on 1 rough, erotic squashing that makes the slave utter her safe word as she has had enough asshole on her nose and tongue.


SBA-136 Eat That Asshole Nappy Headed Bitch

January 30, 2014

16:49 minutes

Warning: Heavy race This is a treat for those who love to see a proud black woman smothered into submission, her face ridden hard until she is broken, whimpering, sobbing and in tears. Two superior white women using her face, nose and lips for the ultimate pleasure while heaping racial slurs and verbal humiliation onto her. She does her best to fight for air, to tongue their dirty asses clean but they use her face like I haven't seen before. They scrub their assholes all over her tongue, no mercy will come. A top 5 all time smothering black asses film.


SBA-135 Feeding Her Asshole

January 24, 2014

20:08 minutes

Selene and Syoja smother this chick out and feed her asshole like it's going out of style. They bounce, rub, grind, smother and slide their assholes all over this chicks face and tongue. One smothering while the other helps her smother or spreads ass cheeks for better eating. They have the time of their lives, dripping in sweat as they cooperate to wear out a very tough slave. A top 10 all time smothering black asses film. 


SBA-134 Chocolate Southern Belle

January 11, 2014

14:09 minutes

Danielle is a sweet chocolate southern belle with a cute face,great body, with a phat ass and knows how to use it to tame an experienced facesitting seat. She sits on her forward, reverse and applies some deep squat sitting that wears her slave out. Her nose is bright red from being in her captors asshole and wet pussy. If you get off on the sounds of a white girl struggling beneath the ass of a sista this one is for you.