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SBA-151 Role Reversal: Engulfed In White Ass And Pussy

14:53 minutes

Tina Heart had been scissoring, face fucking, smothering and putting her feet in Veronica's face all day. She made her eat her pussy and her asshole but now Veronica gets her revenge and you are gonna love it. She smothers this proud black woman until she has no choice but to stick her tongue in to juicy, wet pussy and a fragrant asshole. Great raunchy facesitting worship.


SBA-150 Tina Heart: Fucking Your Face

15:11 minutes

Smothering Black Asses introduces Tina Heart, a gorgeous, curvy Sista who happens to also be one of the best facesitters and face fuckers I've ever seen. She has a talent for making a chicks tongue go up her ass while she rides their nose and face for her pleasure. She has no problem giving another female the grind treatment.


SBA-149 We'll Smother You Until You Eat Our Asses

15:29 minutes

Tina Heart and Selene have two things in common, they are beautiful black women who happen to love humiliating a white bitch with their phat asses and some great pussy. They use this chicks tongue and nose for complete pleasure and utter domination.


SBA-148 Ass, Pussy And Orgasms

15:14 minutes

Cyn rides face for one reason, to have as many orgasms as she can possibly have. The room is filled with sounds of lesbian pleasure, Veronica is made to service her ass and pussy until Cyn cums on her face several times. She gets so loud I was concerned about the neighbors calling the cops. This video is all about lesbian smother worship.


SBA-147 All I Need Is A Pink Tongue

16:15 minutes

Candy spreads her ass cheeks so that a wet, pink tongue can service her brown ass ring and so that her scent can be inhaled. She sensually smothers her slave with her perfect, round chocolate ass. She wears this slave's tongue out as she makes sure the ass worship is long and done properly. This slave is well used and well trained.


SBA-146 Candy's Facesitting Revenge

14:58 minutes

In SBA-145 Selene facesat Candy and did some serious grinding that led to Candy eating her pussy. Now it's Candy's turn to be on top and Selene couldn't take it. Candy used her phat ass to smother Selene out, Selene tried turning her head and moving from under Candy. The film had to be stopped multiple times as she wasn't woman enough to handle all the ass Candy has. She curled her toes, made her whimper and left her well smothered.


SBA-145 Grinding Wet Pussy In Your Face

14:20 minutes

Selene gives Candy one of the sexiest, roughest face fucks we have done in a while. The room is filled with sounds of wet pussy grinding on a black face, a wet tongue in wet pussy and the groans and gasps of a female getting smothered in a dominating fashion.


SBA-144 Worship Both Of Our Black Asses

15:14 minutes

Selene and Candy dominate Veronica with phat, smelly, black asses. They prove to be a tough combination as she eats their assholes just to survive the smothering, hoping for mercy. Watch Selene grab her hair and ride her female slave into utter submission.


SBA-143 Girl Goo

15:41 minutes

Bunny and Selene smother and fuck a female face until they are satisfied. Bunny grabs her by the hair and fucks her nose until she cums leaving girl goo all over her face. They make her sniff and eat their smelly, black asses and she even cleans Bunny's wet pussy too.


FAUD-12 Facesitting Audition: Bunny

14:17 minutes

Newcomer Bunny is 160 lbs of pure thickness, she is chocolate perfection. She pumps and grinds all over Veronica until she eats her ass and pussy. Bunny is so turned on she eats Veronica's pussy while still smothering her. We hope to see more of Bunny soon as we just filmed her for Academy Wrestling.